Posted by: Susan | August 28, 2012

Plan B

Last week I decided to take the boys to the zoo one more time before school started.  As part of my new slower and calmer pace of life I am trying to live I rushed no one.  We got to the zoo and were 2 cars away from getting on the parking lot when the attendant came out and closed the gate.  The lot was full and it was only 10:45 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.  The old Type A personality me might have pointed out to the boys that this is what happens when you sleep the day away.  My definition of sleeping the day away is staying in bed until 7:00 a.m.  Instead I kept my mouth shut and went right to Plan B, The Cincinnati Art Museum located only a few miles from the zoo.  I knew there was an exhibit there that I wanted the boys to see.  They were less than thrilled but that is usually how you feel at first when you go to Plan B.

As soon as we walked in we noticed a room that we had never gone in before, the Near Eastern Exhibits.  Jake and Sam were very excited because they had been reading books that had a plot set in Egypt.  Out came the iPod as Jake happily snapped away.

When we got to the Grand Staircase Jake and I headed up the left hand side while Sam darted off to the right thinking he was going to get to the top first.What he didn’t know was that I was running up the steps while he was just going normal Sam speed.  I took this out of focus picture when he got to the top.  Perhaps I was a little out of breath and shaking as I took the picture.  Plan B is like that sometimes.

We needed to go through some other galleries to get to the Henry Ossawa Tanner Exhibit.  Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a Learning Station set up in one of the rooms.  You could either change the appearance of a picture on the table by using different templates or look at the secret message under each picture hanging on the wall using rose-colored glasses.

Next we discovered a room full of cowboy pictures and sculptors.  I had no idea they were in that area of the museum.  Surprises seemed to be around every corner.When we got to the Henry Tanner exhibit I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.  Henry Tanner (1859-1937) was an African-American artist.  His work is amazing and I wanted Jake and Sam to see all the Biblical scenes he had painted.  On the way out of the museum we came across another fantastic exhibit, The Art of Sound – Four Centuries of Musical Instruments.  Who knew that the Cincinnati Art Museum had one of the largest collections of old instruments in United States?

As we left the museum I thought about how much we had learned that morning.  This unplanned stop had  been so much better than I had anticipated.  That’s how Plan B works.  Life is filled with challenges causing us to go to Plan B.  A few of ours have been the elimination of the Hunk’s job, funding pulled the night before he was to start his next job, an unplanned move to Cincinnati from Florida.  I could even add the birth of April with Down syndrome to the list.  All these things caused us to go to Plan B but because of it we grew and learned in more ways than we thought possible.    Even though we were sometime out of breath and shaking (just like my stair run) right around the corner were amazing surprises.  Life is like that, full of Plan B’s waiting to be embraced.


  1. Susan-
    It’s good to read all of your wise thoughts. Being flexible is what I call a plan B. So many people aren’t and although I’m a bit of a control freak and a planner, I like to think I’m open to “regroup” when things come up! Enjoy your last week before school. xo Teri

  2. Love reading your posts. Have you read “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp? Your thoughts so reflect the wisdom in that book. Love, Vicky

    • I am joining a book club and that book will be my suggestion as a good one to read.

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