Posted by: Susan | August 29, 2012

A parade and a gold medal winner

I saw an article in the paper about a parade for Gold Medal winner Kayla Harrison.  Kayla is from right here in Ohio and she is the only  American to ever win a gold medal in Judo!I wanted our family to be part of the celebration for Kayla because she is from Ohio and has accomplished so much.  Last night we drove 45 minutes to Middletown to enjoy the festivities.  It was a beautiful summer night as we waited for the parade and Kayla.

Seeing Kayla with her gold medal was very inspiring.  So different then just seeing a picture in the paper.

Notice Kayla is doing the sign for I love you in the picture below.  I think it was for Jake.After the parade we went to the plaza where the band played, Kayla said the Pledge of Allegiance with local school children, a man parachuted with an American flag, presentations took place and the Kayla spoke.

When Kayla finally spoke I was amazed by what she said.  Kayla said that she thought standing on the podium at the Olympic games and receiving the gold medal was the highlight of her career but that being there in her hometown was better than being on the podium in London.  You can read more in the Dayton Daily News.


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