Posted by: Susan | August 30, 2012


April had an appointment to give blood for the 12th time!  I dropped her off and headed out to Starbucks.  When I got back she was filling out her paperwork.  The next step is to have a screening before you donate.  She came out a few minutes later and sat back down at the table.   I thought she was just waiting for her turn to be called since it was rather busy.  About 5 minutes later she was taken back into the screening room and when she came out her eyes were brimming with tears.  Her pulse was too high, this was her second reading, and she would have to try again another day.I know this is a 70’s termed but it really fits here.  She was bummed!  How many people do you know that cry (in the privacy of their home) when they can’t give blood?


  1. What an amazing young woman you raised!!

    • She is going to try to donate again on Friday:)

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