Posted by: Susan | August 31, 2012

A garden tour

Last night we went to tour a friend’s garden.  Here in Ohio we are experiencing a drought so the flowers are not as showy but the many types of hosta were beautiful.  Sam just loved climbing on the rocks!

Our friend Candy never forgets one of our birthdays.  On the exact day, I don’t know how she times it just right, a card arrives in the mail box covered with stickers.  Not only do the kids love to receive the card but so do I.After a few photo ops we headed inside.  Dave and their dog Sassy put on a show for us.  Sam spent the rest of the time trying to get Sassy to repeat the tricks.  We were told that Sam is one of the few people who can tire Sassy out.  It just kept getting better when Sam and April discovered that Candy and Dave have a cat.  We have a no cat policy it our house because I’m allergic to cat dander.All thoughts of taking pictures ceased when Candy brought out a warm bread pudding with vanilla caramel sauce.  I had to stop myself after my second helping.  We are so fortunate to have wonderful friends that take an interest in our kids and offer us a tour, a show and bread pudding!

Enjoy your Labor Day week-end.  We plan to take advantage of the last few days that our pool will be open.


  1. Looks like a wonderful time!

    • I love your blog. It makes me want coffee:)

      • Thanks, coffee just feels like a time of relaxing and chatting with freinds to me.

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