Posted by: Susan | September 3, 2012

Compromise…another life skill to learn.

Life in a family is about learning to compromise.  We can’t always do what the kids want to do and learning to compromise with the people you love makes it easier to get along with others when you are on your own.  For instance, a parent can’t always listen to the kid’s favorite music in the car.  Sometimes you just have to take control of the dial.When I tune to my favorite music Sam just keeps singing along while Jake copies his books into his iPod.

More compromising took place when later that night Jake, Sam and I walked up to the Taste of Blue Ash.  I would wait while they rode this bad boy.What mother, in her right mind, would let her kids get on this carnival ride?  Oh, I guess that would be me!  Is that a compromise or am I just plain stupid?I held my breath and prayed that the doors wouldn’t open when those basket things went upside down and my kids were hanging upside down over and over again with each revolution.Nobody was crying or throwing up when the ride stopped and when they finished, surprise, they wanted to go again.  After a fun-filled hour of me watching them on rides it was my turn.  We were off to the concert by Dennis DeYoung.  Dennis was a singer from the rock group Styx that is no longer together.  They apparently didn’t learn the fine art of compromising. These are the faces of unhappy guys who don’t want to wait 14 minutes for the concert to begin even though I found 3 perfect spots to view the show.  I lovingly told them, “I waited for you for over and hour and now you can wait for 14 minutes!”The concert started and after about 3 songs Jake and Sam started to enjoy the show.  I don’t know if it’s because they had been listening to my 70’s music or because the songs have been re-recorded on Glee albums.  I am thinking it’s the Glee thing but I didn’t care because I was enjoying the music while Jake danced and Sam played the air guitar.  Sam’s favorite song was Mr. Roboto.

Compromise….another life skill to learn.

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