Posted by: Susan | September 4, 2012

What I did on my daughter’s vacation

The alternate title for this post could be:  ‘Third Times the Charm’ or ‘At Last’.  April had a week off from Starfire U and had scheduled herself to donate blood on Tuesday, Aug. 28.  I had visions of just the two of us going to the Taft Museum of Art, walking the zoo, touring old churches and having a picnic overlooking the Ohio River during her week off but that didn’t happen.  Instead we did this…

August 28, go to Hoxworth Blood Center (HBC), fill out paper work, do pre-exam, get booted for elevated pulse rate and then April pouted the rest of the day.

August 29, go to HBC, fill out paper work, have a re-check of pulse, get booted because pulse rate too high and then April pouted the rest of the day.  I made a doctor’s appointment for the next day.  Later that night I went to my book club and drank lots of wine!

August 30, go to the doctor’s for an exam and explain what happened.  Some of you are thinking that her pulse was high because of the possibility that donating makes her nervous.  Since this was her 12th time that probably wasn’t the case.  Her heart checked out fine and the doctor told her she was not exercising enough.  She even wrote a prescription for April, walk briskly for 15 minutes daily and work-out 4x’s a week!  We went home and did a power walk.

August 31, go to HBC, fill out paper work, have a re-check of pulse and finally she was able to give blood!  Her pulse was still high but under 100 (that’s the magic number).
Maybe the title of this post should be ‘Determined’ or ‘If at first you don’t succeed’.  Oh, now I know what the title should be…SUCCESS!

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