Posted by: Susan | September 6, 2012

Aquarium learning……………………….an aha moment.

Using my great mathematical skills I figured out that it would be cheaper to buy a membership at the Virginia Aquarium then to buy a one day pass for each of us IF we were going more than once.  I was able to use that pass for TWO vacations and go 4 times and avoid buying 16 individual tickets.  See what I mean about math.  I digress.  You can learn so much at the Aquarium (besides math).  It’s part of my natural learning strategy where I take April, Jake and Sam to various places that they see as “fun” and I see as “educational”.

If you want to study about rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay this is the place.  Ditto for rocks, minerals, sand, silt, coal in addition to all kinds of fish and animals that inhabit the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean (around the Virginia area.)

Learn about sharks, see sharks…………….done.

Learn about sea turtles, take pictures of sea turtles with your iPod……………….done.

Learn about dolphins and echo location, see dolphins……………………sort of.

Does a statue count as a dolphin viewing?  Not to worry, we see dolphins daily when we go to the beach.

Learn about manta rays, pet manta rays…………………..HOLD IT!  I suddenly thought, “Why am I taking pictures and not petting the rays?”  This is what I learned at the Aquarium.  I want to participant and not be just a spectator.  I want to be ‘all in’ and enjoy everything this life has to offer.  Putting my hand in the water and feeling the wet, velvety skin of that creature changed me.  A few days later the kids and I started writing bucket lists.  I had to explain what a bucket list is all about but once they got it they had lots of suggestions.

Later April came up with her own bucket list and as you can see that girl has lots to accomplish.  Several weeks later Jacob was talking about something he wanted to do and said, “Mom, put that on my basket list.”  I smiled and didn’t even correct him.  Does it really matter if you use a bucket or a basket?  Just get those dreams down on paper and see how many you can get done.


  1. I’m calling it basket list from now on. xo Teri

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