Posted by: Susan | September 10, 2012

Friday night lights……….just like everybody else.

On Friday night our family did what many families do all over the US.  We put on our team colors and headed to a high school football game.  There was a touch of fall in the air and a threatening dark sky in the distance as we walked into the game.  After getting settled on the concrete bleachers I started to take it all in.  Music was blaring as our team finished pre-game practice (or whatever they call it).  April and I talked about what it was like when we were cheerleaders on the field instead of in the stands.  She cheered 7 years ago and I cheered 45 years ago.  You never forget those days.Sam is pointing out his math teacher (the conditioning coach), cheerleader that he knows from his Science class, and his Educational Assistant that helps with team.  There was a definite excitement as we greeted many neighbors waiting for the game to begin.  Sam had his eye on the concession stand and we made it through the first quarter before we bought food!

I felt like we were at a college football game with all the bells and whistles that go along with it.  The cheerleaders formed a tunnel.  The band marched onto the field playing a fight song and then lined up behind the tunnel people.  Each of the starting players film clip was shown on the big screen before the team finally came onto the field.  I was pumped up and they hadn’t even had the first play.We will be at all the home games even though I am not a huge football fan.  I want Sam, Jake and April out in their community enjoying all it has to offer.  We may have 3 kids with Down syndrome but we are just like everybody else.  Come Friday night bring on those lights.


  1. There is such a great feeling in the air when it’s fall and at a high school football game. Cheerleading days hold fond memories for me too! xo Teri

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