Posted by: Susan | September 11, 2012

Under the weather?

Sam informed me last night that his throat hurt and I took him seriously since Sam never complains about aches and pains.  Today he woke up and told me that his throat still hurt and so I kept him home from school.  This morning he was moving slowly, a big change from Saturday.  On Saturday I mentioned that we needed to bathe Max the Wonder Dog and before I could complete my sentence of instructions he had whipped off his shirt, carried out 28 lb. dachshund up the steps, and put him in the bath tub.  By the time I ran up the stairs to keep Max from being scalded  by the bath water I found this.

Amazingly Max really does stand there and look at you when he has his bath.  Next Sam wrapped him in a towel and held him while I brushed his teeth.  With Sam’s boundless energy it only takes about 10 minutes to bathe and let me say this again, brush the dog’s teeth.  When I uttered my marriage vow  I never imagined I would have to brush the dog’s teeth.  See how easily I can get off track.  This blog post is supposed to be about Sam being under the weather and all of a sudden I am starting to rant about a little thing like brushing the dog’s teeth.  OK, here is one more picture of Sam and Max the Wonder Roll.  Sam was telling Max for the 8th time,”You’re a good boy. Yes you are.”

I gave Sam some ibuprofen for his sore throat and sent him back to bed this morning.  My poor darling boy needed his sleep.  I felt like Florence Nightingale as I handed him the medicine and ice-cold water.  I almost slipped and told Sam “good boy” but remembered that phrase is reserved for Max the Wonder Blimp.  So what is Sam doing now that his medicine is working?  He is bouncing all over the place insisting that he is fine.  His energy level is back to warp speed.  Maybe, with Sam’s help,  it’s time to brush the dogs teeth again!

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