Posted by: Susan | September 13, 2012

The Nina, the Pinta and the……………

If you live in Cincinnati you too can go see the Nina, the Pinta but no Santa Maria docked at Newport on River Boat Road next to Hooters.  By the way when I checked out Hooters website it was blocked because of parental controls on my computer but did list that the servers wore ‘interesting outfits’.  Don’t worry you don’t have to go into Hooters to see the ships.

We went down last Sunday and had many photo ops.  Going up the gang plank required concentration as you can see.The crew was aboard both ships to answer any questions.  The Hunk asked lots of questions and I took the pictures.  April informed me she needed a picture to post on Facebook.  This ones for you April.The Hunk couldn’t stop talking like a pirate once we got on board.  I told him it was annoying and he told me that because the ship(s) reminded him of the Black Pearl he was compelled to talk like a pirate.  I acted like I didn’t know him.There was so much to see, learn and touch.  Just being on the river swaying back and forth on the boat was an experience.  The river was crowded with all kinds of boats on Sunday.Compass

Interesting stuff to learn

River watching

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your kids learn history in such a hands on way.  Columbus Day is right around the corner.  If you’re very lucky no one in your group will start talking like a pirate when they get on board the Nina, the Pinta, and the…………………..Santa Maria.

Details, price and times here: The Nina & Pinta – the Columbus Foundation

The ships will be in Cincy through Sept. 16 and then on to Pittsburg.

Talk Like a Pirate website     I am so glad that we haven’t missed Talk Like a Pirate day.  Celebrate with Jim on Sept. 19th!


  1. Susan-That is so funny! I’m laughing out loud over the pirate thing and how you pretended you didn’t know him! OMG! So hilarious and you crack me up. xo Teri

    • Living with the Hunk is never dull!

  2. Love reading your posts!!

    • aarr…………….matey!

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