Posted by: Susan | September 17, 2012

Sam’s favorite thing

Last night I asked Sam what was his favorite thing he did this week-end and he told me without hesitation...Washington Park.April was the official photographer since I didn’t go with them to the Celtic Festival.  Our helper Ali took them down to the newest park in Cincinnati.

Don’t you just love how April knows how to pose like a model.  Always put one leg in front of the other for a slimmer look.  Jake must have been behind the camera for several photos.

I was thrilled when I saw that April had taken a picture of the building across the street from the park.  She must be impressed by the architecture or so I thought.This building is Music Hall.

And here is the front of Music Hall.  But wait a minute, why would April be so fascinated with this building?  Oh now I see it.  Here is a cropped picture of the real reason she took this shot.April is not fascinated by the architecture but by the wedding party……………………

Weddings, water fountains made to run through, open spaces, spaces to climb and the Celtic Festival.  No wonder it was Sam’s favorite thing from this past week-end.  I thought he would have chosen the ‘pie in the face moment’ but that is a post for later this week.


  1. love April’s model pose. perfect. and yes Sloopy’s is still open on Highland down at the north end of town. i haven’t been in a while but i should go and report back to you. : ) Teri

    • Perhaps Sloopy’s will be blog worthy 🙂

  2. Looked fun for sure!

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