Posted by: Susan | September 18, 2012

Pie -the-face, a great way to spend Sunday

On Sunday our church celebrated Homecoming Sunday.  This festive Sunday includes a barbeque chicken dinner and other fun activities.It takes a lot of people to make a dinner for 200 people.  Meanwhile back in church Sam was sitting like a perfect angel waiting for the service to begin.  After he heard the click of the camera he held up his trademark peace sign.  Too late Sam I actually got a picture of you without the peace sign!  Several weeks before, a fund-raiser had begun to raise money for Wing of the Morning a wonderful ministry that flies medical supplies into remote areas of the Congo.  They also airlift people out of these remote regions for medical treatment.  It is very worthy cause and a rather unique fund-raising event was planned.  Members of our church could volunteer to get a pie in the face.  We voted by placing donations in jar of the person we would most like to see get the pie.  In addition if you wanted to throw that pie you had to place a bid with the highest bidder getting the privilege of flinging the pie.  I placed a bid on the sheet of the youth director thinking that Sam would love to throw the pie.  I was out bid and knew that Sam would be disappointed.  But wait, something happened that was totally unexpected.Sam’s friend Bob had placed a bid and won.  Then Bob let Sam be his designated pie thrower.  Since Sam is so fast I didn’t get a picture of the actual throw, just the after throw.Sam hit Bob on the side of the face and the rest slid down his shirt.  See how Sam is enjoying this and victory knuckle bumping the other Bob?

I love the attitude of the only female participant, my friend Candy.As you can see she took a direct hit and laughed.  I think there is a life lesson here……….. A big thank you goes out to the 5 brave souls who volunteered to get a pie in their face.  Sunday was a great day for our family to celebrate, enjoy eating with our church community and be part of the fund-raising for Wings of the Morning… one pie at a time.

You get extra credit if you read this great article:  Carrie Mclaren, Learning the Language of Special Needs.


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