Posted by: Susan | September 19, 2012

He said…

As I was backing down the driveway on Saturday, headed out to run some errands with Jake and Sam, Jake looked over at me and said, “Mom you look beautiful.”  It was one of those golden moments I want to savor forever.  Our first stop was at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  We needed a new state ID for Jake and I was dreading the long lines.  When we walked in there was no one else and we quickly went through the paper work.  The clerk told Jake where to sit to have his ID picture taken and he said, “Do you want me to pose?”  “Sure Jake (we were on a first name basis by then) pose”, she answered laughing.  Who knew you could have so much fun at the BMV.  The pose was like this one I took at our next stop.

When we walked in the door of Walmart a flu shot clinic was set up right next to the Halloween costumes. I hadn’t planned on getting Jake a flu shot but as the boys roamed the costume aisles I filled out the paper work.  I loved this photo bomb picture.I almost passed out when I saw the size of the needle.  It must have been 2 inches long!  Jake didn’t even notice or flinch during the shot.  His fearlessness  must come from having 4 shots a day for his diabetesSweet words from my son and no lines in any of the places we went made running errands a joy.  What was the last compliment you received that started your day off right?

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