Posted by: Susan | September 25, 2012

Random act of kindness

Every Monday night we follow the same routine.  April, Jake and Sam bowl with their friends and the all the bowlers and moms go out to dinner to the same place.  We have the same server and many times I order the same thing week after week.  Here is where we celebrate monthly birthday parties.  Here is where the moms, at a separate table, socialize and our kids do the same.  Here is where we are known.

The pictures from above were taken back in the Spring.  Last night I was talking and laughing and enjoying my friends during dinner just like our kids were doing at their table.  I had noticed a couple at the restaurant checking us out as all 16 of us got settled at our tables.  Towards the end of the meal our waitress told us that the couple had paid for all of our dinners and the tip.  We did manage a quick thank you as they were leaving.  Shocked, we kept asking our server if they had paid for ALL of our meals.  What an unexpected random act of kindness.

It was fortuitus that I had read the boys a book called  Small Acts of Kindness Monday morning at breakfast.   I read it to them again this morning and explained what a random act of kindness is.  Now I will look for a way that we can practice doing a random act of kindness.  This is going to be fun!

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