Posted by: Susan | September 26, 2012

Going to the Reds game…for free!

Way back in the spring we went to a high school baseball game and scored some free coupons for a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.  Last night we finally used them.  It was a beautiful rainy night as the Hunk, April and Sam headed out while I stayed home with Jake.  The Hunk made a last-minute parental decision that a guy with bronchitis shouldn’t be sitting in the rain.  Good call Jim.Sam and the Hunk: photo by April

Annoying little bro Sam with April:  photo by the Hunk

April and the Hunk:  photo by Sam, any closer and you would be able to see up Jim’s nose.

Of course there was random dancing by Sam.

And yes they watched the game in between going into the food court to get out of the rain.

Meanwhile I was sprawled on the sofa nodding off  sat bolt upright explaining the literary references in the movie Inkheart.  Great movie to watch with your teen and older children(end of movie review).

As they headed home after a Red’s victory they made one more stop at a local landmark, Graeter’s.  Graeter’s has been in business since 1870 and for you readers that aren’t from Cincinnati they sell bakery goods and ice cream.  Oh, and they sell candy.  Graeter’s is my idea of an almost perfect store.  The Hunk even remembered to bring home donuts for me.  See why I love this guy so much?

Pictures in the news: Check out people with Down syndrome at the Emmys on this site:  Down Syndrome Daily.

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