Posted by: Susan | September 28, 2012

Volley for the Cure

I had breast cancer 10 years ago so I am all about supporting fund-raisers that donate the proceeds to an orginization looking for a cure.  It is even better if it is something I can involve April, Jake and Sam in.  Volley for the Cure was started by Sycamore (where Sam attends) and Loveland High School and have raised over…wait for it…$1,000,000.  It now takes place all over Ohio.  Several weeks ago we attended the Sycamore game.Gym decorated…check!

Coach greeted by Jake…check!

Crazy, wild-eyed fans….check, check!

Several days later while April and I were walking Max the Wonder Dog she said to me, “Mom I checked for lumps.”  It took me a minute to realize that she was talking about a self-exam.  She had learned about it at her last visit to the doctor.  I told her how proud I was that she remembered and did the exam.  So ladies that read my blog, have you done a breast self-exam recently and taught your older daughter with Down syndrome how to do one?  Another life skill to check off my list.


  1. good for April and for you for bringing awareness to self-exam.
    have fun at your football games and weekend activities! xo Teri

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