Posted by: Susan | October 1, 2012

Do students with Down syndrome remember what they learn at school?

Do students with Down syndrome remember what they learn at school?  How fortunate that I have 3 children with Down syndrome to study for this mini-research project.  On Sunday the Hunk, April, Jake, Sam and I went to Coney Island for a company picnic.  The answer to the burning question about learning will come after the pictures………………….

Coney Island is located on the Ohio River and is old school, low tech and small.  I loved it!

The park was decorated for Halloween which led to some interesting pictures.Looking good Jacob.  Such a sweet smile.

Sam was more than willing to pose with these cute pirates.

Perhaps you are wondering if I went on any of the fun rides like the roller coaster, tilt a whirl, or super round up.  No, I was saving myself for the scariest ride at the park…the FERRIS WHEEL.  The Hunk and I got on the ride together and I read the warning out loud to him, NO ROCKING!  He immediately started to rock and make jokes about how high we were and he wondered how long it had been since the ride had a safety inspection.  I had a death grip on the safety bar as I made a decision to divorce him if he didn’t stop rocking and making jokes.  Thirty-five years of marriage over if he didn’t stop.  He stopped, the ride finally started and I was able to loosen my grip slightly and enjoy myself.  Sam got off the ferris wheel first and we found him patiently waiting by the paddle boats.And now for the answer to: Do students with Down syndrome remember what they learn at school?  When we left Coney Island we took a route home that had us cross over a bridge into Kentucky and back over another bridge into Ohio.  The Hunk called out as we drove over the first bridge, “We are entering Kentucky the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.”  Sam replied, “He’s dead.  A bad man shot him in the head!”  Sam had taken American History his freshman year of high school.  I think this concise utterance from Sam proves that students with Down syndrome do remember what they learn at school.  His statement also proves that things are never dull when I have Sam along.


  1. Ahhhh Susan…what a beautiful story! Yes, I do believe they learn…just in a different way. I believe that even children with learning disabilities, not necessarily Down’s Syndrome, are capable of learning and retaining if someone takes the time to go over it until it is understood.
    I used to visit your site all the time. I don’t know how I ever lost track of you, but I have subscribed to your email to prevent that from happening again. Thank you for dropping by my site last week 🙂 []

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