Posted by: Susan | October 2, 2012

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month and there are lots of good ways to spread the word about our awesome kids.  One resource is the National Down Syndrome Society, a great place to start for ideas, motivation and  information about Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Blogs is another place to visit that is packed with information.

If you have a blog then take the 31 for 21 challenge which is blogging everyday in October about Down syndrome.  Krir, on her blog Trial Run, has a great post about what the challenge is and how she is making people more aware of Down syndrome.

At our house everyday is Down syndrome awareness day.  I will continue to blog Monday-Friday about raising our kids with Down syndrome.  We will continue being involved in every aspect of our community showing the world by our presence that our kids, yours and mine, are wonderful, unique individuals capable of so much.Jake and Sam learning at the Cincinnati Zoo

Jake and April singing at Sharonville United Methodist Church


  1. We are so blessed by your family!!

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