Posted by: Susan | October 4, 2012

Sam’s going to the Homecoming Dance with a date!!!

Last night Sam got dressed up,  put on a liberal amount of cologne, put on his hat and off we went to ballroom dance class.  He was clutching  a small notecard in his hand hoping that he would get a yes to the question he was about to ask.  He told me he wanted to take a rose but there was not enough time in our schedule to go to the store before class.  Not to worry the Hunk is good at drawing flowers.

We arrived at dance class and Sam and Brennan did their usual greeting.

Sam read his Homecoming Dance invite to Brennan and then she read it.  Eve (Brennan’s mom) and I just took it in and yes our eyes were a little misty.  Our two teens hugging and inviting and going to the Homecoming dance together just like their typical peers.Notice the cell phone in Brennan’s hand?  More on that later.  Here is the actual note.  It was very interesting to me that Sam wanted to sign it Samuel.  A formal name for such a formal occasion I guess.I am happy to report that Brennan said yes.

After the dance class I found them outside, Sam watching Brennan scan through the photos on her phone.  She was looking for a particular photo for her mom.  It is the photo she has on the screen saver of her iPhone.  April informed me that she thinks that Sam is too young to date.  Jake informed me he wants to go to the dance(no can do because he graduated).  Sorry guys, this time it’s all about Sam Samuel and Brennan.


  1. she’s adorable! they’re adorable! how exciting. xo Teri

    • Next week is going to be so much fun!

  2. I love this – they looks great together!

    • High school goes too quickly so dance!

  3. so fun!!

    • You can come over Saturday and see him all dressed up:)

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