Posted by: Susan | October 8, 2012

She shops for shoes by the sea shore and other tongue twisters


April and I have many things in common.  For instance we both have feet that are hard to fit for shoes.  Mine are long and thin (the only major body part left that I can still call thin) and April’s feet are wide and her arches are…………non-existant.  Today we went shopping for shoes and we found the perfect pair for April.I think I read somewhere that pink is the new neutral.  These shoes would go with jeans, skirts, slacks and dresses.  Of course I did have to pull her up from a sitting to a standing teetering position and she did have to hang on to the display case when I took her picture.  I loved the fact that the 4 inch heels put her almost eye level with me.  After lots of giggling we found 4 other pairs of shoes that fit and were comfortable and that she could actually walk in.These shoes are not white but all sparkles because a girl has got to have some bling.  They are made by Sketchers and are called Bobs.  For every pair of Bobs shoes that you buy Sketchers will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  One pair for April and one pair for a needy child….score.  Today was April’s day to find comfortable shoes.Yes we did buy 4 pairs of shoes today for April.  We bought 0 pairs for me.  Susan sniffs while shopping for shoes near the seashore sadly nothing would suffice.  I will go back later and look for those neutral pink, go with everything shoes, in my size…11 Narrow.  I can’t wait to wear them with my jeans.


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