Posted by: Susan | October 10, 2012

Quality time

If you have more than one child or a very busy life (don’t we all?) sometimes you feel that you are not spending enough quality time with your child.  We might be taking them to this or that activity or hurrying them out the door for school but one on one intentional time….not so much.  Yesterday was my time with Sam and it was wonderful. Sam, size 16 slim, needed some jeans because even though I’m in denial winter is on the way.  Those muscular legs of his got cold waiting for the bus with the temperatures in the 30’s this week. We had an entire hour with just the 2 of us listening to Elvis on the radio (his choice) and shopping.  When we finished I took my guy to Dairy Queen to get a chocolate shake, no whipped cream, no cherry. Without having to compete for my attention he was actually quite chatty.  Sam has a great sense of humor and he knows how to get me to laugh.  Our short amount of alone time was wonderful.  Mental note, schedule alone time with Jake and then April.

Here is an awesome, moving, inspiring video produced by the National Down Syndrome Society: Dreams.   Kleenex alert, you will need several.


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