Posted by: Susan | October 13, 2012

Every Friday night should start with a parade!

Friday afternoon all 5 of us piled into the card and headed out to watch the Homecoming Parade.  Sam is a sophomore at Sycamore High School and Jake and April are alumni.April and the Hunk

What surprised the Hunk was that on every float their were students who knew Jake and Sam and were calling out their names, waving and throwing candy to them.  I forget that I am parent that goes to the school the most and see them interact with other students.  They are totally accepted by their peers.  This year Sam is even sitting with a group of football players at lunch.  April graduated 4 years ago so she was recognized by the coaches and teachers on the floats.Later that night during dinner Jim said, “Every Friday night should start with a parade!”  I couldn’t agree more.  There is something about being outside on a fall day waving at your friends as they wave back that is amazing.  It’s called being a part of your community and I love it.

Here is a great article about a young man with Down syndrome who became the Homecoming King at his school:  down syndrome Daily.

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