Posted by: Susan | October 14, 2012

Football fanatic

The other morning April was taking her time getting ready and when I went upstairs to check on her she was watching “Sports Center.”  Doesn’t every 24-year-old woman  watch the show twice a day to keep up with her favorite teams?  Since we are now in football season she has brought out all her football gear to wear on the appropriate days.  She will wear her Gator gear (University of Florida) on Friday to show support of her team, on Saturday to watch the game and on Monday to bug the director of Starfire U. if they win.  Tim is a huge Univ. of Kentucky fan and April hated it last year that they beat her beloved Gators.  The Gators won yesterday so she will be doing lots of bragging on Monday to Tim. On Sunday she dons her Baltimore Ravens jersey.  For those of you who might not be quite the football fan that April is I will explain her team jersey.  This is a Baltimore Raven team jersey with Micheal Oher’s number.  Who, you might be asking, is Michael Oher?  Obviously you haven’t watched the movie, The Blind Side, 20 times like April.  Today we had plans to take the whole family to a car show.  My football fan was not happy because it was the same time as the Raven vs Cowboys game.  The car show was canceled because of bad weather and my darling daughter was delighted.  I hope Michael Oher never gets traded because I can’t afford another team jersey.  Last Christmas she insisted she needed a Tim Tebow jersey but settled for a t-shirt.  He was playing for the Bronco’s and was traded to the Jets.  This past week she gave me the t-shirt for the Goodwill box. She was not happy with the trade.  Ok, that is all the football talk I can stand.  I do not watch the games or Sports Center.  It’s bad enough that the Hunk and April both talk football to me all the time.  I just nod and act like I am listening while I go to that happy place in my head………..!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. What a lovely, beautiful family you have. I’m so glad to have been introduced so that I can follow along!

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