Posted by: Susan | October 15, 2012

Everybody dance now………..

The big night finally arrived.  Sam had his clothes ready to go early Saturday morning for the Homecoming Dance.  Fortunately we had planned a trip to Kings Island and that took up part of the long day of waiting.  Finally Brennan and her family arrived for a flurry of picture-taking.I have to admit I got a little misty eyed .  This was Sam’s first date and he is the baby of the family which means we have only 3 homecoming dances left………ever.

Sam only had eyes for the beautiful Brennan.  Meanwhile 8 of us stood there with our various cameras, iPads and phones snapping away and giving directions on how they should pose.

As I drove this adorable couple to the dance their was lots of giggling and laughter coming from the back seat.  We arrived at the dance and I walked them inside.  The theme was ‘Aves School of Rock’ and the first decoration I saw was a life-size Elvis painted cardboard figure.  I desperately wanted to go in and look at all the decorations and take more pictures but that would be (insert favorite therapy/school word here) inappropriate.  Instead I took a quick picture of Bren and Sam with the resource officer (Officer Payne) who was dressed in School of Rock gear and then I left.  Sam and Bren were already talking to other students and didn’t even notice my departure.  That’s a good thing…I think.Much later that evening the Hunk picked them up.  He was told that Bren and Sam were the hit of the dance.  They even were part of a spotlight dance.  It doesn’t surprise me since they both have taken ballroom dance lessons for years and know multiple line dances.  Jim said that judging by all the knuckle and shoulder bumps that Sam got after the dance that it had been a great evening.

Next up, Jake and Sam off to a Halloween dance Friday night.  Don’t I lead an exciting life?


  1. So enjoy reading these blogs!! What a special night!!

    • He has grown into a pretty amazing teenager.

  2. so cute. she’s adorable and Sam looks perfect in his stylish hat. how fun! xo Teri

    • Thanks Teri. They had a blast!

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