Posted by: Susan | October 16, 2012

Life is like a roller coaster…

You have probably heard someone say that life is like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs.

That saying is so ‘old school’ because we now have the new and improved coasters that go backwards and..upside down!

That’s how you feel when you get the diagnosis that your baby has Down syndrome.  Perhaps you would like to know how Down syndrome is diagnosed.  You want to see it with your own eyes and thanks to modern science you can.  Beside physical characteristics it must be confirmed with a blood test.  Fascinating I know.  Now here is what the test results look like if your baby has the most common form of Down syndrome.Oh yes, that extra 21st chromosome.   But here’s the thing.  That little extra black dot tells you nothing except that yes, your child has Down syndrome.  It doesn’t tell you how much joy they will bring into the family.  It doesn’t tell you all the things they will be able to accomplish.  It doesn’t tell you how intuitive they can be and funny and friendly and capable and the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t tell you how you will become a better parent and be more empathetic to all people who have any kind of disability.  It doesn’t tell you that the black dot will make you become an advocate for your child and perhaps other children too.  Do we look at the chromosomes of our other children and decide right then and there what their lives will be  like?  I think not.  You may feel like you are on the roller coaster that goes backwards and upside down but really that ride only lasts for a little while.  Life is more like a merry-go-round.Most of the time life just goes round and round at a nice pace with music playing in the background.  Sure there will be challenges along the way but trust me, most of the time, merry-go-round.  You can’t judge a book by its cover or a child by an extra black dot.  Enough analogies for now.  I am stepping down off my soap box and getting up on my favorite horse….the one closest to the inside of the merry-go-round.


  1. Susan, have you ever thought of writing a book? This would be a great first chapter and then you could add pictures, stories etc. from your blog to encourage thousands! You are gifted in writing as well as in “mothering.”:)

    • Perhaps a book someday:)

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