Posted by: Susan | October 18, 2012

No more excuses…

Yesterday I went to my local CVS pharmacy where everybody knows my name.  Unlike the bar in Cheers I can not get a drink there and believe me I needed one.  Every time I go into CVS I come up with an excuse of why I can’t get a flu shot.  Yesterday I had nothing.  There were no long lines, I was alone, I wasn’t sick, all wonderful excuses I had used before.  I know pain after giving birth to 4 children and having knee surgery but I just can’t get past that needle.  When I walked to the back and my favorite cute pharmacist was there I knew it was time to get the shot.  And guess what?  It’s didn’t even hurt.  Later that day I took Sam back for his shot.  He is a lot like his mother, very concerned about needles(or so I thought).I gave him that little pumpkin to hold to distract him while he waited for Pharmacist Mike(Mr. Cutie) to draw up the flu vaccine.

Here Sam is holding his breath and Mr. Cutie is telling him to relax his arm.  Sam’s arm contains almost no fat and is pure muscle plus he had that breath thing going.  After he exhaled and I held his hand (Sam’s not the pharmacist’s) Mike quickly gave him the shot and Sam said, “No Band Aid!  I’m afraid of Band Aids.” Oh now I get it.  It’s not an aversion to needles but to those dreaded Band Aids.  I will have to use that for an excuse next year.

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