Posted by: Susan | October 19, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

At our house we are preparing for Halloween.  There are dances to go to and parties and of course the big night itself.  Jake has been telling me since summer that he wants to be Michael Jackson for all the Halloween happenings.  I knew that the costume cost $40 so I just kept putting off going to the costume shop.  When we arrived on Wednesday imagine my surprise to find that they had sold out of his size.  Not to worry though they had another MJ costume for only $60!  Darn, sold out of his size in that one too (huge sigh of relief).  Jake found a MJ wig for only $13.He will look so like Michael when he wears his wig, hat, glove, black suit with a white v-neck t-shirt, white socks and black shoes.  Meanwhile Sam was trolling around the store.  Sam already had the mask  he would wear for Halloween.  He insisted he needed, emphasis on the need, this werewolf mask.  I was in no mood to spend more money to add to his mask collection.‘PUT THE MASK BACK”, I said in my most authoritative mother voice.  Turning my back on the yellow toothed werewolf, Jake and I proceeded to the check out counter.  Plastic card, plastic bag, plastic wig and we are out of here.  I spun around to leave and was greeted by Sam in this mask.

I admit it, I caved in and bought the mask because it was so Sam.  Plastic card, plastic bag, plastic mask and we are really out of here.

What about April, you may be thinking?  What is April going to wear to all the upcoming activities?  She informed me she will not wear a costume because she is too old.  Even after I explained that it’s OK to wear a costume to a Halloween dance she still wouldn’t budge from her no costume rule.  If that’s how she feels I will just go with it because that my folks is called self-determination.

Need a costume and live in Cincinnati?  Our favorite store: Cappel’s

Trick or Treat free event:  Saturday, Oct. 20 from 12-3 in Blue Ash, OH… Halloween Walk in the Woods  This is a non-scary fun event that includes lots of little houses located throughout the Nature Park plus a magic show and crafts.  Did I say free?



  1. Awesome Halloween finds! My moment is my son pulling his little sister in a wagon for the first time.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’m sure in a couple of years April will be dressing up again. Once you realize all the kids get to have the fun, you want to join back in! xo Ter

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