Posted by: Susan | October 21, 2012

The Big Picture

Today is day 21 of 31FOR 21, blogging daily for Down Syndrome Awareness.I found this wonderful project going on called the Big Picture.  It will be an innovative exhibition of thousands of pictures.  I read about it over on Big Blueberry Eyes.

“The idea for this exhibit comes from a father who has a beautiful daughter, Lucy, who has Down syndrome. He is planning to produce a mural-style image of children and adults with Down syndrome doing different things. The mural will also contain links to other information about Down syndrome. You can read more about his vision here.

To produce this exhibition he needs thousands of pictures. It is planned to release on World Down Syndrome Day (Mar 21) 2013 in the United Kingdom. There will also be an associated website with video and pictures and interactive gallery so people from all over the world can view it and leave messages.”  Send in an awesome picture of your child.  Let’s help out this dad with a great idea!

I wonder what pictures I will send?  It won’t be these of taking my boys to the Farmer’s Market in the rain and cold because I needed……….a pie.  Note pie in plastic bag that Sam is carrying.  It may have been raining and cold but that just teaches the kids to overcome obstacles.  Besides Sam got the perk of petting a dog.One more week left and then the market is closed for the season.  I will miss the Pie Lady and her yummy Dutch apple pies so much.  Did anyone else brave the elements to shop at your Farmer’s Market?

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