Posted by: Susan | October 22, 2012

Men at work

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful fall day.  On the way to church I asked everyone how they would like to spend the afternoon.  I was hoping to go to the Taft Art Museum, the Hunk wanted to work in the yard, and April wanted to go back and view the Nina and Pinta docked on the Ohio River.  When I told her that those ships had sailed Jim changed his mind about what he wanted to do.  He wanted to talk like a pirate for the rest of the day.  I wanted to smack him but refrained thinking that ignoring him would be the best thing to do.  I didn’t help.  More on the ships and pirate talk here.

Later after lunch and quiet time(code for parents need a nap) the decision was made.  We would not be viewing art or ships but raking the front yard.  And by we I mean the guys.  April had another commitment and I had to drive her there so we couldn’t possibly help.  As I left I offered some encouragement, “If you want to go to Wendy’s and Youth Group tonight you’d better help Dan and not complain.”  I really know how to motivate people and am available to speak on the subject at your next conference!  When I returned I found my men at work.

It was a perfect fall afternoon; fresh air, exercise and a leaf free yard until…..tomorrow.  What tricks do you use to motivate your kids?

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  1. GORGEOUS trees and handsome boys … A winning combination.

  2. so many leaves! the trees are just beautiful! see, something we don’t have at the beach ; ) love your motivational style. xo Teri

    • I always use that sweet style.

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