Posted by: Susan | October 25, 2012

He said……….

Last year I got a new car, only the 2nd in my life time.  I wrote about it in a post titled Out with the old, in with the new.  I love my new car and I baby it by parking as far as possible away from other cars on public parking lots.  Yes, I am one of those kinds of people.  It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing I just say to the kids, “The weather is not that bad and we all need the exercise.”, as we hike to our destination.  Several weeks ago when Sam and I came home from running errands I hit the side-view mirror on the side of the garage.  I felt sick as I heard the grinding of metal against wood.  I threw the car into park and hopped out  to survey the damage. Yep, long white paint mark on the mirror from the garage.  Sam got out of the car to see what I had done.  He said…..

“Don’t worry Mom.  Dad and I can get that out.”  Thanks Sam, I love a man who knows how to fix things.

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