Posted by: Susan | October 29, 2012

What I’m really going to miss…………

Now that summer is gone I really, really miss the pool and the freedom and exercise it provided for Jake and Sam.Sam the Man

Jake, cannonball expert.

But what I’m really going to miss is the farmers market.  OK, not the market but the Pie Lady, Natalie.This is Natalie on my birthday.  Of course I was there buying my birthday pie, blueberry.

Saturday was the last, sniff, day of the farmers market.  Natalie was there to greet us with her smiling face and stacks of homemade pies.  I bought a Dutch Apple and a pumpkin pie.  Is it cruel and unusual punishment to make your 2 kids with Celiac disease shop at the pie booth knowing they can’t have any?

The reason I know Natalie’s name is because it is on a sticky label attached to the plastic wrap that covers the pies.  In the past I have just ripped off the wrap and not even read the label but Saturday I read the label and found out her name and address.  I am going to write her a thank you note.  Should I invite her to Thanksgiving dinner?  She could bring the pie PIES.

I am counting down the days until the pool opens and the pie lady returns to the farmers market.

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