Posted by: Susan | October 31, 2012

Early morning pumpkin carving and what it taught me.

We (and by we I mean the Hunk) were going to carve the pumpkin last night with the kids but went on a date instead….yes!  Not to worry Jim could carve it today while everyone was at school.  Sam was not happy about missing this event so the carving commenced at 6:25a.m. and finished at 6:37a.m. just before the boys had to get on the bus.As you can see Sam is ready to dig out the insides and Jake is still finishing breakfast.

While watching my man carve the pumpkin at o’dark hundred I was overcome with love and gave him a big kiss.  This was Sam’s reaction:)

Sam was showing me that it takes muscle to carve a pumpkin but where is Jake?  Jake is on the sofa resting until bus time.

What’s not to love about carving a pumpkin even at a very early hour?  You get to use a knife to carve and very big spoon to pull out slimy guts.

I did learn something this morning in the pre-dawn hour.

The pumpkin and I both look much better in candle light.

Happy Halloween

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