Posted by: Susan | November 1, 2012

Halloween Hot Dogs

Helpers Tad,Janet,the Hunk,Jerry,Rose,Sam and April

For the last 3 years we have passed out hot dogs on Halloween along with candy.  The “dogs” are provided by our church, Sharonville United Methodist.  Most years we are set up in our driveway with a fire pit, table for the dogs and a fixins table with drinks.  Last night it was cold and rainy so we…moved everything but the fire pit into the garage.    Four friends stopped by for a hot dog and graciously stayed to help.  Notice the plastic gloves on Sam.  He served for the first hour and April took over the second shift.  Bun, dog, napkin….next.Have you ever seen the movie ET where the neighborhood is filled with kids and parents on Halloween?  That’s our neighborhood without the flying bikes although we do have bikes.One of my favorite neighbors.

 It was hectic serving 150 hot dogs and several gallons of lemonade but oh so much fun especially when we got to see costumes like these.

The teenagers come out later in the evening many times without costumes but we don’t care.  They love the hot dogs the most.  Towards the end of the night when the cold had driven my boys inside a group of guys came up for a hot dog and asked where Sam and Jake were because they wanted to see them.  Of course we were more than happy to go inside and get them.

One mom with a young son in tow whispered to me, “My son likes your house best.”  That’s the power of the hot dog.  Halloween hot dogs have become a tradition at our house and I love it!


  1. what a great idea! i’ve never come across anyone else doing that. the neighbors must love you! xo Teri

    • Everyone loves hot dogs!

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