Posted by: Susan | November 2, 2012

Things that surprised me this week.

Things that surprised me this week.

1.  Walking into April’s room last night to find her watching MSNBC news.  She told me she was getting ready for the election!

2.  Hearing Sam laughing and reading books, instead of playing games, on his iPad as we traveled around in the car.
3.  Finding out that the average American worker spends $1,092 a year on coffee.  Find out more here and how to make your own specialty drinks without fancy equipment.

4.  Opening my email from Special Olympics to find an offer for 4 FREE tickets to the University of Cincinnati football game Saturday.  Yes April, Jake and Sam will be going with a friend.  A big thanks to the UC Athletic Dept. for donating 100 tickets to Special Olympics.

What has surprised you this week?   Have a great weekend filled with surprises.


  1. Have a great time at your game!
    (I’m looking into why you can’t leave a comment. Such a bummer!)
    xo Teri

    • Thanks Terri.

  2. Alex is voting on Tuesday for the first time. She likes both candidates 🙂

    • April is very, very excited to vote for her candidate. She has been wanting to vote early but we decided to wait until Election Day.

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