Posted by: Susan | November 5, 2012


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night day stays these couriers April, Jake and Sam from the swift completion of their appointed rounds attendance at a UC football game when the tickets are free.  My apologies to doctoring the mailman’s creed.

This is a picture of Nippert Stadium taken by my designated photographer, April, at the football game.  Notice the gray sky and the blow up Bearcat.

Here April and Jake are doing their best Bearcat hand cheer and as usual Sam is doing something different.  It rained most of the game and was 40 degrees so I have no idea why the boys didn’t have their coats on.  I was not there to nag them.  I am sure there were some students with their bodies painted and no shirts on so Sam and Jake figured no coats were necessary.

Notice that the free tickets were for the good seats with backs and cushions on them.  Ali, our wonderful helper and Sam are game ready in UC colors.

During the course of the game there was rain and a cross between sleet and hail.  I will coin a new term here and call it “slail”.  Mental note, send new word to the Weather Channel.By the 4th quarter it was pouring.  I know this because I was watching the game on TV in my nice, dry, warm house wondering how the kids were doing.  You know it’s raining hard when you can see the rain on TV.  They stayed until the bitter end.  UC won!  I feel an analogy coming………

Life is like a football game, sometimes cold, dreary and hard-fought but that just makes the victory even sweeter.  Have a great week.

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