Posted by: Susan | November 7, 2012

Handling disappointment

Here is a little picture vignette of yesterday.Jake and Sam headed out to vote.

The Hunk walking to the polls with Jake and April.

John our neighbor and favorite poll worker.

  The thing about our family is that we are divided on our political views.  We have 5 very Republican members and 3 very Democratic members and that makes for some interesting discussion and lots of teasing.  This morning I asked the Hunk to wake April up and tell her the election results because I knew she was not going to be happy.  He talked to her and then left for the morning.  She came down and as I expected there were lots of tears.  During that time the phone rang and it was one of her older brothers calling to, dare I say it, gloat.  As soon as he heard how upset his sister was he went into the comfort mode and spent lots of time with April on the phone.  I also spent time talking to her about the election and her disappointment.  The main thing I stressed was that we need to go forward as one nation working together.  Within our family there are many different points of view but we love each other and work together for the common good of our family. The same holds true for our country.  Yes, she is still disappointed and will be for several days.  When you’re passionate about something that is just how it is.  When she was ready to walk out the door, tears still brimming in her eyes, she said, “Don’t worry Mom.  I’ll get better.”  Well said my darling April.

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