Posted by: Susan | November 9, 2012

What we learned this week!

What in the world is Sam doing?  Dancing to the You Tube sensation Gangnam Style.  When I watched it this morning for the (?) time it had

678,945,880 hits.  Yes, almost 679 million time people have watched the video.  The video is from Korea and sung in Korean so I am calling it a cultural experience and that is what we learned this week.  All of us, except the Hunk, are dancing to it here.  He is repeating the lyrics at the oddest times during the day.  Warning:  If you watch the music video more than once you will not be able to get it out of your head!

A big weekend is in store here.  April and the Hunk are going to the local Marine Corps Birthday Ball, boys raking leaves for the shut-ins of our church with the youth group, April feeding the hungry with Starfire, a trip to the zoo, Veterans Day celebration at Spring Grove Cemetery and the list goes on.

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. sounds like a busy weekend for your household! have a good one! thanks for the nod to our Veterans. I need to take a moment to do the same! xo Teri

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