Posted by: Susan | November 13, 2012

April, the Hunk and the Marine Corps Birthday Ball

November 10th is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps which in our house is cause for celebration.  This past Saturday April went with her date to the Ball and I must say they both looked gorgeous!

According to my sources she was the belle of the ball.  April is quite the conversationalist and entertained everyone at her table with her stories.  They were most impressed by the fact that she took her ID with her and enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner.  OK, she only drank a fourth of it as she sipped ever so slowly during the meal.  She just likes to feel included in everything she does.  There was a speaker at the affair who was mesmerizing.That sword you see on the table next to that handsome guest speaker is used to cut the birthday cake.  The oldest Marine in attendance gives the first piece of cake to the youngest Marine in attendance.  Lots of tradition at these birthday balls.Notice the statement on the program, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”   April would so love to be a Marine.  April and the Hunk had a great time bonding together and enjoying all the traditions at the “Birthday Ball.”

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