Posted by: Susan | November 19, 2012

Diabetes Awareness


Jake and I are headed to Children’s Hospital for his every 3 months diabetes appointment.  This of course reminds me that I totally forgot World Diabetes Day on November 14th.  Type 1 diabetes is a totally different animal than Type 2.  This article explains the difference: Hey,Media!  Yes, he can eat sugar and yes, he takes shots.  No, there is not cure for Type 1 diabetes no matter how many articles you read that say there is.  It is an auto-immune disease.  Great explanation in the above article.

Here is my darling Jake shortly after his diagnosis with diabetes.  He is a trooper and my hero checking his blood sugar levels 6-8 times a day and taking a minimum of 4 injections daily!

We are off to fight traffic to make his 8:15 appointment.  Tomorrow I will explain the picture below.  Happy Monday!

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