Posted by: Susan | November 20, 2012

Balluminarium………a definintion


What in the heck is ‘Balluminarium’?  You won’t find the definition in the dictionary but you will find the actual event in my favorite city, Cincinnati.  Last Saturday I told April, Jake and Sam that we were headed to Eden Park for a surprise.  Sam told me he wanted to stay home and watch Disney.  I told him how much fun it would be but he still wanted to stay home.  I replied sweetly, “You’re going because….I want to see it and it’s time to do something Mom wants to do!”  The not so happy Sam got into the car and so started our surprise adventure.  I was not to be deterred by a little grumbling because after all the temperature was 62 degrees in November and this was an out-door activity.  With my keen knowledge of Eden Park I was able to direct the Hunk to a parking place out of the bumper to bumper traffic in the park.  We got an enviable spot at the Art Museum and walked through the park to Mirror Lake ending up on the side of the lake where the hot air balloons were being set up.Notice that Sam is still not very happy but that is all to change quickly when we walk around to the other side of the lake.  We had entered, and I do this a lot, at the wrong place.  We had come in through the entrance used by the people who had hot air balloons and I had left mine at home.  Not to worry because the other side of the lake had food trucks and for Sam this is even better than Disney.  We found a hot dog food truck and after a very large hot dog and drink Sam was much happier.  I am adding Mr.Hanton’s Hot Dogs to my bucket list with the goal of trying every one of his delicious hot dog combinations.  Yes, they are that good.  There was lots to see and do while we waited.Photo ops with Sam, April and the ever popular Nutcracker.  A couple dressed like Santa and Mrs. Claus were sitting in lawn chairs while Ebenezer Scrooge worked the crowd promoting A Christmas Carol to be performed at Play House in the Park.  And what is any event without elves on stilts?Jake wanted to go watch the juggling elves while we waited for the 9 balloons to be set up.  Since they were right behind us we said yes.  We were only separated by some large bunches of grass that I could see over.  I was busy taking pictures of all the expensive cameras on tri-pods lined up around the lake to get the perfect shot.  I needed some shots of April and the Hunk and he assured me that he could see both Sam and Jake.  Do you see where this story is going?Finally the balloons were going up and I turned around to find Jake but…

he had vanished into the crowd.The crowd was huge by now and it was getting dark.  The Hunk stayed in our spot with his vantage point of being 6’3″ tall and scanned the crowd.  I started the hunt for Jake trying not to panic as I thought that it would be getting dark soon and I would never find my diabetic guy in the throng once the sun set.  I just kept working my way towards the back of the crowd when I finally spotted him under a canopy playing a bat (the mammals that fly not the thing you use to hit a ball) matching game.  Every parent probably has the same reaction when they find their child who has wandered off; thrilled to find you-now you’re really gonna get it moment.  Jake knew where we were so he thought it was OK to enjoy the festivities and he would join us when he was good and ready………..!  Our family was reunited and together we watched and experienced Balluminaria.

Balluminarium is;  9 tethered hot air balloon, 5 delicious hot dogs, 1 lost kid and 1 great time.


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