Posted by: Susan | November 26, 2012

Creating traditions

On the way to the Christmas tree farm I started thinking about the traditions in our family.  There are some as simple as serving sauerkraut on Thanksgiving(a tradition from the Hunk’s family) to buying the family Christmas tree.  The traditions are usually passed from family to family or created when you begin a family.  When they are created as something new they require effort-lots of effort.  Since we were off to buy a tree my mind went back to the time we started this tradition.  Just getting young kids in the car and dressed for the cold required time and patience.  Then strapping them into the car seats and entertaining them with one more chorus of The Bear Went Over the Mountain or Over the River and Through the Woods, more effort. We set out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to buy a tree at a Christmas tree farm only to be told that they wouldn’t be opened until Saturday.  Now we must put the disappointed kids back in the car and find another place to buy a tree!  We found a wonderful woman at a Christmas tree selling site that agreed to sell a tree early but informed us that the tree shaker wouldn’t be set up until the next day.  Not to worry, we said, it is fine as is.  Later, after the tree was set up, there was one little problem.  The tree was covered with jumping spiders that delighted in scaring the kids to death every time they approached.  No one wanted to be the one to turn the lights on or get near that tree.  And so a tradition began.

It still takes effort to maintain this tradition.  The Hunk wants to buy an artificial tree and every year I have to convince him why this isn’t a good idea.  Those little kids in car seats are either grown and buying their own trees or living at home and not happy about getting up early to go to the farm.  I persevere  and sing a few verses of Over the River and Through the Woods as I gather gloves and scarfs that they insist they don’t need.  The Hunk doesn’t get down on the ground any more to cut the tree.  We ride out to the fields to look at the trees and watch families with young children find the perfect tree.  We ride back to a nice warm barn where we pick out our pre-cut tree and then go inside another barn for hot chocolate.

All are Cold

Some are grumpy.

Some are posers.

But, the tradition continues and we love it!

What traditions has your family started?


  1. Always love the pictures…Happy Holidays!

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