Posted by: Susan | November 27, 2012

Teaching our kids with Down syndrome to serve others

In our family we encourage Jake, April and Sam to volunteer and look for ways to serve others.  In the past few weeks they have…raked leaves for the elderly and sick and…donated items for food baskets and then delivered a basket to a local family and…performed with their dance class from A-Marika Dance Studio for Active Life Seniors at Deaconess Hospital and…given blood.

But today was different and totally unexpected.  It was during the morning rush time of trying to get everyone ready in time for the bus.  Sam was having difficulty tying his shoes.  I heard Jake say, “I can tie shoes Sam.  Do you want some help?”  When I turned around Jake was serving/helping his brother.Brother serving brother.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Christmas is a great season to practice serving others.  Opportunities abound even sometimes at home!


  1. Love this!

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