Posted by: Susan | November 29, 2012

Has anyone else noticed the……..

Has anyone else noticed the big, full moon the last few mornings?  Yes, I said morning because when your waiting for the bus at 6:30 a.m. and your house faces west you get to enjoy a beautiful moon set.  I grabbed my trusty point and click digital and ran outside to try to capture the moment.That tiny speck over Jake’s shoulder are the moon and a planet.  I am not sure what is going on with his wide-eyed look.

Trying a different shot didn’t seem to work too well in capturing the beauty of the moon.  You can see the moon and planet more clearly behind the lamp-post.

As I was standing outside in my PJ’s my next door neighbor came out to go to work.  I greeted him through the semi-darkness with a “good morning” and he came over to join in the fun.  We all admired the moon and then he engaged the boys in conversation.  It’s great to have caring neighbors who ask the boys, not me, what they have been up to.  The moon shots were a bust but the conversation was awesome.  So much for my camera.  Just go out and look at the moon with your kids.

Need some help finding just the right toys.  A group of clinicians from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital put together this Gift Guide.

Want to know the name of the planet by the moon so you can impress your family and friends?  Check out EarthSky.


  1. i always love to catch a great moon and have my camera handy.
    since i don’t have kids, i’m sure i’d so the same and get the out to look too!

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