Posted by: Susan | December 3, 2012

Helping Dad

On Saturday Sam went with Jim to help collect toys for the annual Toys for Tots toy drive.  Of course, since it’s Sam, he did more than just collect toys.  I am sure he danced a little and talked a lot.IMG_5242They even had time to celebrate a birthday of a volunteer during the day.  The Young Marines of Cincinnati, active duty Marines and the Marine Corps League were all on hand to help with the toy drive.

When we came to pick up Sam a ’10 Ton’ truck had  arrived and my 3 guys just had to take a look inside.  Let me tell you it is a big step up and a ladder climb to get inside.IMG_5230IMG_5231IMG_5234

Sam had just a few more things to tell this Marine before he got down from the truck…IMG_5237At the end of the day there were 10 large Wal-Mart shopping carts overflowing with toys.  Multiply that by thousands of collection sites all over the US and you can see what an impact Toys for Tots has on helping kids in need at Christmas.  Thank you Marines and volunteers, including Sam and the Hunk, for you helping with this important program.toys_tots


  1. lovely. love toys for tots and all they do. xo Teri

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