Posted by: Susan | December 4, 2012

April’s choice

Saturday afternoon I had arranged for April, Jake and Sam to go to the Lebanon Carriage Christmas Parade.  Imagine 120 decorated horse-drawn carriages with different kinds of horses.  I have been once and the parade is amazing.  IMG_5251lebanon 1If you would like to look at some more gorgeous photos of the parade check out Fenner Photograpy.   Did you notice in the top picture that April is missing.  She did not want to go to the parade, even though I showed her pictures and told her how wonderful it was, she wanted to go to church to help put up the decorations for Advent.  I’m all about letting April make her own decisions since she is 24 years old!  At 24 I would have chosen the parade.


Sunday morning found her singing with the choir.  When April sings she puts her heart and soul into it.  Her face is almost aglow as she joyfully sings each song.IMG_5261On Sunday I looked around and saw the beautifully decorated church and watched my darling April sing and knew….April, you made the right choice!


  1. she does look so joyful in the choir.

  2. She is radiant with the Lord!

    • She truly is.

  3. April looks beautiful living her passion to sing!

    • Thanks Gary. I love to watch her sing in church.

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