Posted by: Susan | December 6, 2012

Sam makes me laugh!

I have decided to type out a  weekly schedule for Sam.  Something he can hold in his hand’s and read whenever he needs to know the answer to the 2 most important questions of the day.

1:  What’s for dinner?

2:  What are we doing today?

Tues:  Chicken, broccoli,rice
Weds:  Mac and cheese, hot dogs, green beans
Thursday:  Taco’s, fruit, rice
Friday: Pizza, fruit
Saturday: Ham, sweet potato fluff, veggie
Sunday: Eggs, bacon, Hash Browns, salsa

Tues: Target and decorate the tree
Weds:  Dance class(wear dance shirts and black pants) then choir
Thurs:  Men’s Day
Friday:  Victorian village and basketball practice
Saturday:  Ali takes you downtown, carriage rides, Fountain Square
Sunday:  Church, Youth Group

This was his response.IMG_5306He read it to me and then tossed it aside to look at a new book I had brought home from the library.

IMG_5303I bet your are able to guess the title of the book from the next picture.

IMG_5305He put this picture up across his face and then moved the book cover to make it look like the Nutcracker/Sam was talking.  It was hilarious.  I found this next picture quite funny too even though it doesn’t have anything to do with this post.

IMG_4803Sam and the Hunk were putting together a poster for Science class.  Notice how well the Hunk wears my tri-colored glasses.  Hilarious to me when I saw the picture.

I have learned 2 things from this post:

1.  It doesn’t take much to make me laugh.

2.  Sam could care less about my clever weekly schedule.

3.  OK, I said 2 but really I learned 1 more thing.  A pair of tri-colored reading glasses would make a great stocking stuffer for the Hunk

Now go out there and find something to laugh about:)


  1. your sweet humorous posts always make me laugh. you catch the best moments and bring them to life for your readers. adorable! xo Teri

  2. haha! made me laugh! Thanks

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