Posted by: Susan | December 10, 2012


Yes, Santacon is now an event and April, Jake and Sam were able to enjoy it on Saturday when they went downtown to Fountain Square.santaindexrollsanta comYou can’t tell it by the picture but there were more than 500 Santas downtown.  Just try to wrap your head around that many Santas all over the streets of Cincinnati.IMG_5325There were Santas on ice skates and roller blades and on most street corners.IMG_5331Here is ice skating Santa.  For the last 3 years April, Jake and Sam have skated on the ice rink next to Fountain Square.  This year they told me NO, they didn’t like to ice skate.  OK, I get the message.IMG_5337Even ice skating Santa couldn’t convince them to skate.  Instead they took a free carriage ride AND a free trolley ride around downtown.IMG_5366April enjoyed taking pictures of all the Santas at different locations.  Let’s just say that some of them were not drinking hot chocolate.IMG_5326IMG_5364IMG_5342If you live in Cincinnati you gotta get downtown.  So much to do and most of it is FREE.  If you go this coming weekend you can look for me with the kids.  There won’t be 500 Santa Clauses but there will still be free carriage and trolley rides, Macy’s North Pole, Hilton Netherlands Hotel Gingerbread House display and so much more.IMG_5335I am so going to wear a Santa Suit next year and be in Santacon…………….whose in?

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