Posted by: Susan | December 12, 2012

Two hours and lots of cookies

On Sunday night the Youth Group from church gathered in the kitchen to make cookies……….lots of cookies.IMG_5403Rest assured that Sam and Jake didn’t eat any of the cookies.  They did help make and decorate them they just had to wear gloves.  Since they both have Celiac disease they can’t even touch wheat.  Oh yes, I’m all about modification, even at church.

IMG_5406I didn’t stay and watch them make the cookies but the next day I got an email from the Youth Group leader, Landon.

“We made 348 cookies to go to the nursing home staffs of our shut-ins and with extras some were sent to the Sharonville police and fire departments.”

Like I said, two hours and a lot of cookies, but oh so much fun when you’re baking with friends.


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