Posted by: Susan | December 14, 2012

Christmas at the Krohn Conservatory

April and I took a little time out of our day on Monday to go view the Christmas display at the Krohn.  Last year we waited and went when school was out and ran into huge crowds.  Monday morning was the perfect time to go…………IMG_5434This gigantic tree adorned in hand-made, natural ornaments greets you as you enter the lobby.

IMG_5430Trains, Trestles and Traditions is amazing.  The miniature buildings and several bridges(exact replicas) were made by Applied Imagination out of all natural materials.  In the above picture April is standing in front of the world headquarters of P&G.  Yep, that’s right here in Cincinnati.  IMG_5410Here my model stands in front of a replica of the Great American Tower which just placed 4th out of 220 skyscrapers world-wide that were finished in 2011.  Cincinnati is an amazing city and I am thinking about applying for a job that would let me promote the city!  Really it is a great vacation destination.

IMG_5432See those gorgeous bridges in the background?  They are amazing to view close up and even better  to walk or drive across the real thing as you cross the mighty Ohio river into Kentucky.  For your kids that are train lovers they are running all over tracks that are interspersed in the exhibit.  Thomas the Tank engine………..oh yes, he’s here too.IMG_5428Here April is standing in front of my bucket wish destination.  The Eiffel Tower keeps popping up everywhere.  There are so many wonderful things to see at this exhibit but I have to go shopping now so I will share just a few more pics and then I am outta here.IMG_5414I love the way my hair blends perfectly with the white poinsettia.

IMG_5437April finished her last-minute shopping at the gift shop and then we headed outside to see the Nativity Display.IMG_5438IMG_5441IMG_5440The animals are real and the figures are wax.  The Nativity Scene is outside and open 24 hours a day.  It is lovely.

If you live in Cincinnati the Krohn is not to be missed.  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Yay a photo of you! Gorgeous! I always love April’s poses, they’re my favorite photos, but I especially love posts w/you in them. Have a wonderful weekend! xo Teri

    • You are so sweet!

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