Posted by: Susan | December 16, 2012

Connecticut tragedy

I am having such a hard time grasping what happened in Newtown, CT.  I find myself tearing up and heartbroken for all the adults and children that lost their lives so senselessly.  During church today I watched the young children sing, play the bells, and the drum while they sang Little Drummer Boy.  The innocence of those children in church and the loss of the children in Newton…unfathomable.

So how will I handle this tragedy with April, Jake and Sam?  As of Sunday night they haven’t heard about it.  Jim and I decided not to watch the news or discuss it in front of them.  If they find out at school or Starfire on Monday we will deal with it them.  We will offer reassurance and a listening ear and try to calm their fears.IMG_4944We will continue to pray for the precious people in Newton.  It’s ironic that when I was looking for a picture for this post the one I chose had Jake wearing his Youth Group t-shirt that says; Love God, Love Others and Do Good.  That is how we will move forward.


  1. I appreciate you sharing.

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